Kelly (rwryter) wrote,

FIC: "Eight Chances", Dr. Gregory House/Dr. James Wilson

Title: Eight Chances
Author: hawkeyecat
Fandom: House
Character(s) or Pairing: Dr. Gregory House (claim); House/Wilson
Prompt: 07. Both Sides
Rating: PG
Summary: Wilson says a lot. House doesn’t say more.
A/N: So not what I should be writing, but hey, here it is. Many thanks to sheikah for the beta and reassurance. My thanks to everyone who's commented on fic lately; life's been odd, and I haven't gotten around to replying.

He says: I lost three marriages because of you.

House doesn’t say: You really lost three marriages because you can’t stay committed and put me before your wives, you idiot.

He says: You’re an addict.

House doesn’t say: I’ve been taking less. Surprise of all surprises, I don’t like letting anything but me control my life.

He says: You don’t put anything into this friendship—this relationship.

House doesn’t say: I tell you more than anyone. I give you as much as I can.

He says: You’re an unfeeling bastard.

House doesn’t say: I love you.

He says: I’ve always tried to help you.

House doesn’t say: I never asked you to.

He says: I’m leaving.

House doesn’t say: Stay.

He says: It won’t change our friendship.

House doesn’t say: If you have to say that, it will.

He says: I’m moving on.

House doesn’t say: Don’t bother asking me to be your best man.

He says: I’m moving to New York.

And House says: Goodbye.
Tags: greg house, greg house/james wilson, house md, james wilson, philosophy 20

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