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FIC: "Idle Hands", Greg House, Rowan Chase, Robert Chase, OCF

Fandom: House, M.D.
Title: Idle Hands
Characters: Dr. Greg House, Dr. Rowan Chase, Dr. Robert Chase, female OC.
Rating: R for mention of sex
Prompt and Challenge: 7. Nature vs. Nurture; psych_30
Word Count: 683
Spoilers: None, really.
Warnings: None.
Disclaimer: Don’t own, don’t sue.
A/N: Because sheikah asked for it. Beta-ed by sunsetsinthewes.
Summary: “I hired Chase because his dad made a phone call.”

In House’s defense, Elizabeth really did come onto him first.

Lousy excuse and he knew it, but it was better than admitting he slept with a married woman and instigated it. Though it was his own stupidity that let him sleep with her without a condom—pre-med students should know better than to risk STDs. Then, he was drunk. And possibly still buzzed off that weed from earlier. He always was horny when he was stoned.

Besides, what was Elizabeth doing alone, anyway? Any husband worthwhile wouldn’t leave a tiny, gorgeous blonde alone for more than a day of work. Definitely not two weeks while he was gone for conferences. Especially not when the gorgeous blonde liked drinking and sex. And especially not when she got to do that with a bunch of college students.

He shouldn’t have been in Melbourne in the first place. His internship was in Sydney. But he’d worked it so he had four twelve-hour days, then three off, and he knew a guy who was in Melbourne for a couple of weeks. Jim had said there was good booze and pretty girls, enough to hook House on the idea. So he went.

And he met Elizabeth. Elizabeth, the tiny blonde with the soft voice and busy hands. Didn’t take much prompting to get him back to her house and up to her bedroom.

That made it even more wrong, didn’t it. Doing a married woman in the bed she supposedly shared with her husband.

He didn’t really care about a condom, by that point. Not his problem if she ended up pregnant. And if she did, the sex was worth it. She reacted more than most girls he’d been with, arching up into his hands and clenching around his cock. And vocal, too.

She asked for his number when he was finding his clothes, after. He jotted down the one in Sydney and his name, and handed her the paper.


Twenty-seven years later, House interviews a kid for a fellowship. The kid’s young enough to still be doing his internship, can’t be more than twenty-six, but he’s already a board-certified intensive care doctor. It’s hard to pass up, and House just grunts noncommittally when the kid asks if he can expect a call. It’s better than the flat-out “no” everyone else has gotten.

He’s not expecting a call a day later, but he has to be the one to answer—his current batch of fellows are down in the lab, running tests that are probably all going to be negative. “Hello?”

“May I speak to Dr. House?” The voice is heavily accented, only part Australian, and House mentally scrambles to place the rest of it.

“That’s me.” He twirls a pen between his fingers.

“Dr. House, this is Dr. Rowan Chase. You interviewed my son yesterday.”

If the kid asked Daddy to call for him, he just lost any chance he had at the fellowship. “The blond kid. Yeah, I remember.”

“Perhaps I should have said our son.” There’s a hint of something to Rowan’s voice. Amusement, maybe.

House sits up at his desk, dropping the pen. “What are you talking about?”

“I believe you knew my former wife. Elizabeth. She would have been about twenty-three.” Not amusement. Knowledge. It shouldn’t have taken him this long to place it. And maybe a touch of resignation.

Then House fully processes what Rowan said. Oh shit. “Elizabeth. Small, blonde, drank gin and tonic.”

“That’s her. Twenty-seven years ago, wasn’t it?”

House rubs his forehead. “That’s right. Your bed.”

“My bed?” Mild surprise now. “I’m not upset with you, Dr. House. But I thought you should know.”

“And it waited until he’s an adult because…you wanted all the Kodak moments?” House snorts. “He’s a little old for me to care.”

“But you may hire him,” Rowan points out. “If you’re going to hire your own son, you should be aware of it.”

“Thank you,” House says curtly, and hangs up.

Then he picks up the phone again. The kid’s qualified, and Stevens is leaving tonight. He needs the replacement, anyway.
Tags: greg house, greg house/ofc, house m.d., psych 30, robert chase, rowan chase, rowan chase/ofc

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